Board of Trustees


R. Page Minter, Chair
York County School Division

Shelly Simonds, Vice-Chair
Newport News Public Schools

Joseph Fuentes
Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools

David Hux
Poquoson City Public Schools

Joe Kilgore
Hampton City Public Schools

Charles Records
Gloucester County Public Schools

Dr. Steven Constantino, Superintendent-in-Charge
Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools

Dr. Walter R. Clemons
Gloucester County Public Schools

Dr. Carl James
York County School Division

Dr. Ashby Kilgore
Newport News Public Schools

Dr. Jennifer Parish
Poquoson City Public Schools

Dr. Linda Shifflette
Hampton City Public Schools

The next Board of Trustees meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 24, 5:30 PM at New Horizons' Woodside Lane campus.

New Horizons' Board welcomes input from the public and provides an opportunity for public comments at the beginning of each meeting. Speakers wishing to address the Board must complete a speaker card and return it to the Clerk of the Board prior to the start of the meeting (speaker cards are available upon entering the meeting). Individuals will be recognized by the Clerk of the Board in the order the cards were received. Comments are limited to three-minutes.

If you have any questions regarding New Horizons' Board of Trustees, please contact Jennifer Haislip, Clerk of the Board at (757)766-0000 or by email to

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