Committed to Preparing a World Class Workforce for the 21st Century

Welcome to the Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC) homepage!  For over 40 years, CTEC has provided career and technical education services to the students of Virginia Peninsula high schools.  The center currently serves over 920 high school juniors and seniors in 23 career and technical programs.  The Center is located on two campuses:

  • Butler Farm Road (Hampton)
  • Woodside Lane (Newport News)

CTEC also offers an array of Transition Services to meet the needs of mostly special education students who will be transitioning into the workforce or into community agencies after high school.  

Reasons to attend New Horizons Career and Technical Education Center vary with the students who are asked.

  • Many students entering the programs have definite career goals in the area in which they enroll.
  • Other students are "trying on" a career field to determine if they have the interest and ability to be successful.
  • Many others want to set an academic foundation for their college studies or prepare to financially support their college careers by working in their career and technical field.

For whatever reason students attend New Horizons, one message to them is clear: high school is not the end of learning! The employee of the future must be committed to keeping pace with technological advances and CTEC is committed to helping to prepare a world class workforce.

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