Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement

Instructor:  Beonko Sampson
Campus:   Woodside Lane (Newport News)


Instructor:  Timothy Miklos
Campus:  Butler Farm (Hampton)

Students in this program are preparing for many of the exciting, challenging and rewarding careers in the criminal justice field.  These opportunities require people who want to operate in both high energy and high tech fluid environments filled with constant challenges and service commitments.  Students will study the history of and types of law enforcement requirements as they gain an understanding of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and jurisdictions.  Students will learn about and use some of the newest technology in the criminal justice field as they undertake and engage in crime scene investigations.  Some of the finest local, state, federal and private sector industry professionals provide classroom presentations and hands on training opportunities. Criminal Justice students study: Criminal Investigation, Emergency Response, Search and Seizure, Arrest Procedures, Patrol Operations, Court Procedure, Juvenile Justice, Criminal Law, AED/CPR, and First Aid.

Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement is a one year course.  However, the course meets the sequential elective requirement.

Credits:  Dual enrolled with Thomas Nelson Community College for six college credit hours.  Three elective high school credits for course, as well as one to two verified credits (must pass NOCTI Assessment Exam).

Certification:  NOCTI Criminal Justice Assessment Exam

Prerequisites:  Good academic standing, attendance, and behavior


  • $46 for Insurance, CPR, First Aid, Club Dues
  • $30 for NOCTI Exam